The TechTrak flooring is manufactured in a state of the art facility, under strict ISO 9001-2000 guidelines. The TechTrak technology uses an advanced 21st Century polymer to ensure the exceptional excellence of our finished products.

Concerns regarding the amount of contamination brought into a clean environment was justified by a 3M study, determining 80% of contaminants entering were carried in by wheeled and foot traffic.

This contamination has the potential to cause significant particle, bacteria and static problems in every type of clean manufacturing and packaging facility.

The particle retention of the TechTrak floor mat is based on its liquid smooth surface, which allows greater contact with each layer of contamination from feet or wheels. The high tack surface is slightly conforming, which allows a concentrated loading of particles and remains effective after continuous overstrikes in the same traffic area.

The effectiveness of the TechTrak floor mat is based on the correct placement and size to accommodate each facilities traffic volume – both foot and wheeled. Large TechTrak floor mat areas are unavoidable, require no overt action and the size offers enough coverage to meet industry standards for 3 steps or wheel rotations for complete decontamination.

There are no limitations to the size or layout of the TechTrak floor mat. Ideal areas of use include air showers, gowning rooms, entry ways and exits, pass through, cleanroom hallways, aseptic areas, compounding suites, around laminar flow hoods, work stations, injection molding machines – anywhere there is a critical environment.

The TechTrak floor mat installed in critical entrances, gowning rooms or airlocks substantially lowers microbial and particle counts, reduces airborne contamination, eliminates disposable costs and can be maintained within your current cleaning schedule.

Product Codes

TTCC-21 BL          TechTrak Contamination Control Flooring, 6’6” wide, Blue
TTCC-21-GY         TechTrak Contamination Control Flooring, 6’6” wide, Grey
TTCC-21-4-BL     TechTrak Contamination Control Flooring, 4’ wide, Blue
TTCC-21-4-GY     TechTrak Contamination Control Flooring, 4’ wide, Grey

The TechTrak flooring can be ordered in any length

Product Support

An experienced local TechTrak representative is available to visit your facility and to assist in analyzing your facility requirements to determine the best size and placement of the contamination control floor mat to offer maximum effectiveness at the lowest cost.

The TechTrak engineering team has designed and placed more contamination control systems in the most demanding clean environments than any other company in the world.

Once you purchase the most efficient foot and wheelborne decontamination product available, our trained technicians are available, at no cost, for periodic inspections and evaluations to confirm the product is meeting your expectations.