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Cleaning Instructions

TechTrak Contamination Floor Mats Cleaning Directions

How to Clean Contamination Control Floor Mats

TechTrak’s 21st Century technology high tack polymer will remove and hold all foot and wheeled contamination on its surface until removed by regularly scheduled cleaning.

How to Clean Contamination Control Floor Mats

Tools required for cleaning:

  • Detergent/Disinfectant – (Facility approved solutions are acceptable for use on the TechTrak floor mat)
  • Sponge Mop
  • Squeegee

The detergent/disinfectant and water solution, applied with a sponge mop will release the contamination held on the floor mat surface.

The squeegee will remove the contaminated water solution and dry the mat for immediate reuse. If a squeegee is not used, the contamination suspended in the liquid will dry back on the surface causing a film build up, which will reduce the effectiveness of the floor mat.

TechTrak’s Floor Mat Is Slippery When Wet

Caution should be used during the cleaning process.

A number of walk behind cleaning machines are acceptable for use with TechTrak floor mats.
Adhesive peel off mats should not be placed prior to the TechTrak polymer contamination control mat. Adhesive carry over can be deposited on the TechTrak surface making cleaning difficult.

Decontamination Floor Mats

TechTrak Benefits

Techtrak® floormats cleaning procedures and equipment

  • The TechTrak® and TechTrak Tough® polymer floor mats remove and hold a great deal of contamination from feet and wheels.
  • The best way to clean the TechTrak® floor mats is by incorporating the cleaning process into your standard everyday cleaning schedule. Using your facility approved disinfectant or detergent along with your approved mopping system.
  • An important added step is the squeegee drying which removes the remaining liquid and prepares the floor for immediate re-use.

TechTrak recommends the use of your facility approved detergent or disinfectant to clean the TechTrak® polymer floor mats. It is much easier to add the
TechTrak® mats into your standard cleaning procedures, with the squeegee drying additional step.

DO NOT USE the following items when cleaning the TechTrak® polymer flooring: Bleach Concentrates over 10%, Abrasive Cleaners, Buffing or Polishing Equipment. Additionally, Acetones, Keytones, and Oil can harm the polymer surface unless wiped up within 15 minutes. The only known detergent/disinfectant which can harm the surface is MegaClean.

Most walk behind floor cleaning machines can be used on the TechTrak® floor mats but only with the softer bristle brushes. The consistency of the cleaning machine and the fact that the dirty water is squeegeed and vacuumed off the surface immediately makes these machines a good option for cleaning the mats.

Steam cleaning any polymer floor mat system will reduce the active life of the floor mats and should be done only as a last resort.

TechTrak LLC Offers a Full 3 Year Floor Mat Warranty

With proper use and maintenance the TechTrak floor mat will last 4 – 5 years.

TechTrak LLC offers a line of cleaning supplies appropriate for cleanroom and life science industries including detergent, disinfectants, wipers, mops, buckets and squeegees

For further technical information or questions please contact us.