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Product Comparison

TechTrak mats versus adhesive peel off mats.

Contamination Control Floor Mats Versus adhesive peel off mats.

See how TechTrak contamination control flooring compares to peel off mats.

The TechTrak technology uses an advanced 21st Century polymer to ensure the exceptional excellence of our finished products.

TechTrak Contamination Control Floor Mats VS adhesive peel off mats.

Tech Trak Polymer Mats


Unlimited width and length available
6’ x 6’, 10’ x 4’ Most Popular Sizes

Contamination Control Effectiveness:

10’ x 4’ – 3 steps guarantee 100% particulate and bacteria removal.


10’ x 4’ Mat $1860 Purchase & Placement 6 Cost
1st Year Total Cost $1860
Total Cost After 4 Years $1860
Savings of $8124

Cost Per Square Foot:

10’ x 4’ = 40’ Sq. Ft. $1860 ÷ 40 = $46.50 Cost/Sq. Ft.
Over 4 Years

Particle Shedding:

The damp mopping and squeegee drying process suspends and holds all contaminates in the detergent/disinfectant and water solution.

Environmental Footprint:

TechTrak will recycle the mat after the 5 plus year average active life.


The advanced TechTrak 21st Century polymer is non-volatile, without a trace of DOP. Safe for use in the most demanding environments.

Adhesive Peel-Off Mats


45” x 26”, 45” x 18”
Most Popular Sizes

Contamination Control Effectiveness:

45” x 26”, 20% to 40% removal. The small mat is ineffective with only one step.


6 peels /day, 45” x 26” Mat, $90/case
6 Peels/Day, 1st Yr. Material Cost $1642
Major Semiconductor Study, $0.39 Disposal Cost/peel $0.39 x 2190 Peels 1st Yr. = Disposal Cost $854
Total Cost After 4 years = $9984

Cost Per Square Foot:

45” X 26” = 8.14’ Sq. Ft.
$9984 ÷ 8.14 = $1222.03 Cost/Sq. Ft.
Over 4 Years

Particle Shedding:

As per Univ. of AZ study Peeling adhesive mats throws hundreds of thousands viable particulate into the previous clean environment.

Environmental Footprint:

Disposal in dumpsters and landfills
Energy consumed in constant manufacture, shipping and warehousing.


Film, top and bottom adhesives, static and particle shedding combine to create too many concerns.

How Do Disinfectant Mats Work & Why Do We Need Them

How Contamination Floor Mats Work

This contamination has the potential to cause significant particle, bacteria and static problems in every type of clean manufacturing and packaging facility. The particle retention of the TechTrak floor mat is based on its liquid smooth surface, which allows greater contact with each layer of contamination from feet or wheels. The high tack surface is slightly conforming, which allows a concentrated loading of particles and remains effective after continuous overstrikes in the same traffic area.

Product Support

TechTrak Contamination Floor Mat Support

An experienced local TechTrak representative is available to visit your facility and to assist in analyzing your facility requirements to determine the best size and placement of the contamination control floor mat to offer maximum effectiveness at the lowest cost.

The TechTrak engineering team has designed and placed more contamination control systems in the mostdemanding clean environments than any other company in the world.

Once you purchase the most efficient foot and wheelborne decontamination product available, our trained technicians are available, at no cost, for periodic inspections and evaluations to confirm the product is meeting your expectations.

Particle Shedding From Tacky Mats

Saturated Tacky Mat Particle Release Data

The attached study is the test results and procedures to measure the levels of particle shedding from the (S) slow and (F) fast method of peeling adhesive tack mats. This study was completed to justify the development of the (R) “Rolamat” removal technique for specially designed adhesive peel off mats with a tapered end and tab. This product was later determined not to be commercially feasible, but the relevant data below shows the particle impact of peeling adhesive mats.