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Spec Sheet

TechTrak Contamination Floor Mats Specs

Contamination Control Floor Mat Manufacturer Specs

Width: 78” and 48” wide
Length: No limitations
Thickness: 3/32” thick
ESD: 108 Ohms
Outgassing: None
Toxicity: Non Toxic
Load Resistance: 1250 lbs. psi
Heat Resistance: 32o – 125o F
Life Cycle: 4 – 5+ Years
Warranty: Full 3 Year Warranty
Colors: Multiple colors

How Do Disinfectant Mats Work & Why Do We Need Them

How Contamination Floor Mats Work

This contamination has the potential to cause significant particle, bacteria and static problems in every type of clean manufacturing and packaging facility. The particle retention of the TechTrak floor mat is based on its liquid smooth surface, which allows greater contact with each layer of contamination from feet or wheels. The high tack surface is slightly conforming, which allows a concentrated loading of particles and remains effective after continuous overstrikes in the same traffic area.
  • TTCC-21-BL 6’6″ Wide Blue
  • TTCC-21-BL-4 4′ Wide, Blue
  • TTCC-21-BLSPK 6’6″ Wide, Blue Speckled
  • TTCC-21-BLSPK-4 4′ Wide, Blue Speckled
  • TTCC-21-GY 6’6″ Wide, Grey
  • TTCC-21-GY-4 4′ Wide, Grey
  • TTCC-21-GSPK 6’6″ Wide, Grey Speckled
  • TTCC-21-GSPK -4 4′ Wide, Grey Speckled
  • TTCC-21-BLHD Tough 6’6″ Wide, Blue
  • TTCC-21-BLHD-4 Tough 4′ Wide, Blue
  • TTCC-21-GSPKHD Tough 6’6″ Wide, Grey Speckled
  • TTCC-21-GSPKHD-4 Tough 4′ Wide, Grey Speckled
Installed Contamination Control Floor Mats by TechTrak