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Frequently Asked Questions About Contamination Floor Mats

Are TechTrak floor mats necessary with laminar air flow?

Contamination on feet and wheels contributes over 80% of the particulate carried into a controlled environment (3M Study). Placing a TechTrak mat outside the entry will eliminate up to 100% of this contamination threat before it ever gets into the cleanroom. This allows laminar flow and filters to work more efficiently.

How long will the TeckTrak mat be effective?

The TechTrak mat has a Full 3 Year Warranty and an average 5 year active life.

How long will the TeckTrak mat be effective?

The TechTrak mat has a Full 3 Year Warranty and an average 5 year active life.

We use adhesive peel off mats - why choose Tecktrak?

Please refer to the special section comparing TechTrak mats versus adhesive peel off mats.

How does TeckTrak work?

The unique, 21st Century polymer had a permanent natural tack and an ultra-smooth surface which offers greater contamination gathering capabilities. In addition the slightly pliable polymer conforms to the shape of the shoe or wheel, increasing the number of contaminants removed by the mat.

Isn't airborne contamination more of a concern?

Contamination on unprotected floors will reach work surfaces and even shoulder level with the normal movement of traffic in critical areas. The TechTrak mats hold particulate and bacteria on its surface even with personnel and cart traffic. This greatly reduces airborne contamination

How does TeckTrak handle heavy equipment carts?

The TechTrak surface is strong and capable of handling heavy carts, even fork trucks. All carts can easily cross the low profile, beveled edged mat. “Motorized” fork trucks and tow motors cannot turn on the TechTrak floor mat surface, but can drive straight across the mat.

Where are the important areas to place Decontamination Floor Mats?

Gowning rooms, entryways, airlocks, material pass through, exits and hallways to eliminate cross contamination – any location where foot and wheeled contamination is a concern.

Will our aggressive disinfectants harm the TechTrak polymer mat?

All standard disinfectants, phenols, quats and bleach at recommended strengths have been tested on TechTrak and do not harm the product.

Is Techtrak FDA approved?

The TechTrak mats, correctly sized to meet your traffic levels will substantially reduce your bacteria counts, which will be noted and approved by FDA.

Weill Techtrak help if our primary concern is microbial contamination?

Correctly sized, the TechTrak mat has been proven to offer 100% microbial decontamination from both feet and wheels with 3 footsteps or wheel rotations on the high tack surface.

How Do Disinfectant Mats Work & Why Do We Need Them

How Contamination Floor Mats Work

This contamination has the potential to cause significant particle, bacteria and static problems in every type of clean manufacturing and packaging facility. The particle retention of the TechTrak floor mat is based on its liquid smooth surface, which allows greater contact with each layer of contamination from feet or wheels. The high tack surface is slightly conforming, which allows a concentrated loading of particles and remains effective after continuous overstrikes in the same traffic area.

TechTrak Contamination Floor Mat Support

An experienced local TechTrak representative is available to visit your facility and to assist in analyzing your facility requirements to determine the best size and placement of the contamination control floor mat to offer maximum effectiveness at the lowest cost.

The TechTrak engineering team has designed and placed more contamination control systems in the mostdemanding clean environments than any other company in the world.

Once you purchase the most efficient foot and wheelborne decontamination product available, our trained technicians are available, at no cost, for periodic inspections and evaluations to confirm the product is meeting your expectations.